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Modern Small Talk & Other Social Skills is here for you, for some as a refresher course in conversational confidence, for others the inspiration you never got in social skills. No matter the reason you're here, – I got you. Let's start enjoying social interactions again. Even if you're an introvert. Like me.


What if small talk can be used as a tool all day to make your communication easier? Check out this week's new podcast on the topic and a taste of all the podcasts to come!


The advantages of small talk even if you're an introvert

Most introverts I've met say they suck at small talk. Yet, when I talk to them they are great small-talkers. And when I tell them why, they answer: oh, if this is small talk, I like it! Next episode on Wednesday, 8th!


If you think social skills is for the posh, you're the problem.

Posh used to be a description of the poor, then the rich then the poor and now the rich again. But what does it really mean and what does it have to do with social skills? Next podcast is on March 15th.


Your greatest challenge: how to end a small talk 

It's the main reason why people don't do small talk. The dread of being stuck in a conversation with no idea of how to get out of the small talk has most people opting out of what is, as I'll keep repeating, the greatest conversational tool you'll ever use! The next episode is on March 22th!

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