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Have you noticed how we tend to speak on autopilot most of the time? We declare: "It's just how I talk" or "I'm not good with words" or "I'm an introvert, I don't do small talk". Well, it turns out, I'm an introvert. And I'm great at small talk. Why?


It's like our mouths have a mind of their own! And let's be honest, we've all felt the frustration of being misunderstood. At one point I got tired of it all. So I decided to up my own conversational game.


You see, I got curious about the art of tailoring ones conversational style and noticed how social skills have a crucial role in effective communication. Who knew that swapping words and playing with synonyms could be such a game-changer?


Now, instead of relying on the vocabulary I've picked up automatically and unintentionally, I now choose words that feel more authentic to me. It's like a communication superpower! I'm even writing a book about it called "Modern Small Talk" (coming to a bookstore near you... eventually).


I live in Oslo, Norway, and if you hear me talking in public, you might notice a bit of a Northern accent in my Norwegian and a British accent in my English. But don't be fooled - being a card-carrying introvert, sometimes I'd rather just listen to filmscores whilst people-watching, than engage in small talk.

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