When the scene you love doesn’t fit anymore

Draft writing at Åpent Bakeri Damplassesn

I have a scene that I’ve written that whenever I read it, in order to connect with the beginning of the story, I smile and nod to myself well done. It’s the first scene, in the first book, of a trilogy that I’ve been working on for a few years now.

It started off in my mind, when I wrote out a scene, to deal with my incessant need to help other people, and in the process, forgetting my own needs.

The main character meets someone in physical distress and she asks them calmly: “Why should I help you?”

This scene is such a strong opening, it really opens the book with a bang. The problem with this scene came about when a couple of scenes midway through the first book started to take a different direction, to such a degree, that the scene didn’t seem to not fit anymore.

A year ago I would’ve gone into the drama that I used to do, telling myself that it’s hopeless and I will never be a published writer. I don’t live by that decree anymore. The decree of the troubled writer filled with anxiety. That doesn’t mean I have my moments of frustration. And that’s just it. I’ve shifted my focus from what writer am I being and will I ever be good enough to the focus of I’m publishing this book.

Instead I went into the wonder of how this opening would fit. The way I’ve learned to get to know Lily, the main character, is a as a happy, wondrous introvert who loves to learn. Then why was she so angry in the opening scene?

Today, two days later it came to me as I did my draft-writing in the morning, and now the whole book makes sense. It has three sections that are clear to me and I can see the rhythm of the book coming together. Because I went into wonder-mode.

You see, that’ss where the magic happens.

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